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Home Theatre
Bring the cinema experience home with you!
Home theatre Installation Video Systems

A great home theatre system can transform your viewing experience... and be lots of fun when you’re entertaining guests.

Sitting down to enjoy the latest film release or settling in to watch a classic favourite, the excitement of watching a film the way it was meant to be watched is the perfect way to spend a night in.

We can provide a complete home cinema set up that will immerse you in the movie. From the lighting to the seating arrangements, we can create an atmosphere that will blow you away.

Alternatively, we can also design a surround sound system that gives you an awesome experience and compliments your existing room. We can even make it a feature that will be the centre piece of the room.

    Home Theatre Services include:

  • Design and installation of home theatre and Surround Sound Systems
  • Audio Tuning for sound systems
  • Wall mounting TV
  • Screen and projector installation
  • New home and renovation cabling
  • Future Proofing
  • Tutorial on how to use equipment
  • System Integration

Multi Room AV
Room AV Home AV

Over the past few years, Multi Room AV has become one of the most popular features in new home designs. It can be as simple as a couple of speakers outside under the veranda to audio and vision being played throughout the house. The beauty of a correctly designed Multi Room system is that every selected zone can play a different source. For example, if you are entertaining guests, some can be inside watching a movie or sports, while you are outside listening to your favourite music from your iPod with full control, and it all works from the same system with one remote!

We can also send satellite and pay TV to other rooms in the house with full remote functionality without having to pay a monthly fee for another cable box.

Remote Control Systems
Tv Remote Control Digital Remote

These days we have so many things plugged into our televisions, our rooms become full of clutter with all the remotes needed. Not to mention the frustration of continually picking up the wrong remote.

With a universal remote not only can you get rid of the clutter, but operating everything becomes much easier. Imagine pushing one button to watch a movie and everything needed turns on and sets itself to the correct input. All you have to do is push play when you’re ready!

Our remotes are fully programmable so no matter how simple or complex your system is, we can customize your remote to suit you.

Remote Control Services include:
  • Design and Install Remote control systems
  • Programming
  • Tutorial on how to use equipment
  • Future Proofing
  • System Integration

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