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TV Antenna & Satellite Dishes
Needing to upgrade your antenna to receive all digital free to air TV stations? Tired of watching pixelated TV, or watching the pictures break up?
Analog Antenna Digital Antenna Dish

By 2013, you will need to install digital TV reception, or you won’t be able to watch free to air TV as the current analogue system will be switched off. At Skyscraper Installations, we use the highest quality antennas in the world which means you will always have crystal clear reception with no drop outs or pixilation.

We can add extra TV points to your existing system, and even add satellite and cable distribution to every room without needing multiple boxes. So you can enjoy your Pay TV in any room in the house without having to make extra monthly payments.

If you have multiple televisions then it is important to have an antenna system that can cope with the extra outlets and provide a great picture on all the TVs.

If you are building, we can pre-wire your new home for satellite, cable and free to air TV, so that even if you decide to add a TV later on, it won’t be a problem.

    Antenna and Satellite Services include:

  • New Antenna and Satellite Dishes
  • Additional TV and Satellite points
  • Trouble shooting bad reception
  • Multi room Satellite Signal
  • New home and renovation cabling
  • Signal distribution design and installation
  • Set Top Box Installation
  • Tutorial on how to use equipment

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